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If cunnilingus is one of the most enjoyable caresses for a slut, it is because the cat is a particularly sensitive area thanks to the clitoris . The famous cherry is one of the most erectile organs there is. In this regard, it should be remembered that according to sensitivity, there are two main categories of erectile areas. Primary and secondary erectile areas. According to this classification, the cat is obviously found among the primaries which are the most sensitive. It is even the main primary erectile area in many cases.

This little theoretical course is enough to make you understand the importance to be given to this red button if we want to transform the simple blow of Saturday evening into a memorable fuck session. Applying the tongue or an accessory as it should on this jewel turns a timid slut into real fury. Any cat lover knows how important it is to stimulate the clitoris . Both during the preliminary phase and during the sex part. Tickling the clit of this slut assures you a super hot partner who wets like a fountain. Once overexcited, this bitch wants more and your cock will have a job.

Of course, there is no need to fixate on the clitoris and forget about the other erogenous zones which are also worthy of interest. It is clear that much of the excitement is played in the head, which implies the importance of setting the scene before jumping on it. It is therefore a combination that any good cat lover must master. Playing with boobs with your fingertips does not prevent you from stuffing her pussy with a big tail stroke . Once the clit is alive, it has all the openings that drip ready to receive your squirt until the last drop.