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I film my wife getting fucked in front of me

Video n°95357 added on 17/09/2023 00:00 in french Mature. She was seen 9228 times, lasts 11:59 mns and received 4 votes (85%). My wife is a slut of the first choice in the sense that she has a strong sexual appetite! This horny 54 year old female dog loves cock like never before and I can guarantee you that it is really very difficult to satisfy her! This naughty girl will once again have her pussy fucked in front of me and I can guarantee you that the cocksucker who will come to take care of her case will not spare her. Obviously, this nympho will start by giving him a good blowjob as she knows how to do so well before being shaken by powerful cock strokes! Her cuckold husband will stay by her side to film her having fun!

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4 votes (85%)
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Apoil42 - Hésitant | Il y a 5 jours | 27 comments | 0 Pts | 0 videos |
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Hum bonne salope a queue, comme on aime écris moi cochonne bizous
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Charmant65 - Hésitant | Il y a 6 jours | 45 comments | 0 Pts | 1 videos |
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Bjrs la vidéo aurait pu être super mes dommage manque des gros plans et je pense la prochaine vidéo que vous faites prenez un homme bien monté votre je l ai pas trop vue prendre son pied a bientôt
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