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A bourgeois girl gets fucked in front of her husband

Video n°95366 added on 17/09/2023 18:00 in milf Amatrice. She was seen 6460 times, lasts 18:38 mns and received 4 votes (100%). Another good little slut who is about to realize one of her oldest fantasies! This horny 33-year-old middle-class girl is going to explain to her husband that she has had an old desire for several years now and that she would like to realize it with him. The hottie will then explain to him that she wants to be fucked by a cock other than hers, but that he must stay by her side while watching her! After a few hours of reflection, the gentleman will finally make up his mind and accept his wife's request and will therefore take care of finding her the perfect cock so that she can be offered a truly beautiful orgasm!

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4 votes (100%)
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