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As a guy, we all have a super hot cousin with whom our relationship is so blurred that we wonder why we shouldn't have the right to do it. She has an easy smile and a stripper body that she does not hesitate to show us half naked to the great misfortune of our dick who is getting hurt. This ordeal turns to torture when the cousin in question takes brotherly affection for us and covers us with kisses at the slightest opportunity. It is at times like these that animals are envied, who do not care for family ties.

When at the corner of a slightly drunk evening, we find the cock at the back of the throat of a hot cousin a little exhilarated by alcohol, we necessarily say that there is worse at the end of the evening. There are many these cousins who do not bother with a kinship of which only the ancients and the story books remember. Why also deprive yourself of a beautiful part of legs in the air with a hottie who promises to be a blow of hell? Why not stop answering her calls when you obviously know that her pussy must get wet when she sees you?

The slutty and nymphomaniac cousins are real nuggets. First, because we don't need to take the big game out of the dredge to put them in his stake, then, because it's just a story of ass with no tomorrow, just good for emptying the balls of time to time. The “cousins” category shows you bitches who have nothing to do with kinship. They are fucked by cousins who are too happy to have a shot with these hot sluts. In addition, the taboo aspect of such an ass plan only adds excitement to the game.