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Sex is not just limited to a physiological act, it is also a scene, a language that allows partners to define their links. It is in this sense that we must understand the practices that are commonly called paraphilias. In this case, facesitting could be perceived as a deviance, but it remains above all, a sexual practice which arouses desire and pleasure in both partners. It is a voluntary act in which everyone accepts their place and takes sexual pleasure in affirming it. So it's sort of a sexual way of establishing hierarchy in a couple.

Because of its degrading aspect, facsitting is considered a sado-maso practice . The motivations can however be more banal, the aim being in fact to gratify the partner of a fellatio or a cunnilingus (in the case of a woman). In this case this position would be relatively brief, the time to get excited enough before moving on. Considering paraphilia, facesitting implies a degrading submission of a partner here who would take pleasure in this humiliation. Finding yourself compressed under the oozing pussy of a bitch would then only be one of the phases of the humiliation which could continue with various other submissions.

The goal of facesitting is literally to have control of one partner over the other. A face crushed by a cat or by a pair of balls leaves little comfort to the person who is under stress. It is a game of domination in which the dominated can only experience pleasure through humiliation. Similarly, the dominant knows the enjoyment only in situations of total control where he keeps his partner at his mercy. Thus, the two agree on their roles and even if there would be precautions aimed at avoiding a possible accident, the goal remains to know the pleasure and the orgasm by the game of the master and the slave.