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When we talk about a nurse, many guys see beyond the caregiver and focus on the potential slut in uniform who does not always provide very orthodox care. How many guys have dreamed of hitting a nurse in the workplace. It is true that it is particularly horny to see all pretty young ladies walking around while smiling in the corridors of hospitals. Easy to fantasize about these outfits that take care of you when you are defenseless. As long as taking care of a patient, you might as well go for it. We can imagine coming out of a vegetative state thanks to a good pipe that would swallow your dick to the point of burning at the bottom of a deep and wet throat.

Most nurses have untenable schedules and must spend most of their time at work. No wonder then that they get fucked hard with cocks sometimes. Falling on a naughty nurse is the icing on the cake for a patient. A simple guard tour can lead to an acrobatic fuck session between a bed and a table. We see it coming with an incendiary neckline and daring hands that press your balls.

Patients are not the only ones to benefit from these particular treatments. Both staff and visitors can have the taste of the hot, wet pussy of one of these nymphomaniacs. Between two treatments, this slut has plenty of time to pump a pair of balls and get her holes smashed by a raging cock. The break time is usually the time for special attention. Doctors, patients or nurses are entitled to the hot pussy of an unleashed slut who does not hesitate to take several tails at the same time. Such an extra cannot be refused.